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Lifeproof and Waterproof: It's the Only Phone Case I Will Ever Use

I don't bother with any other phone case.

The Lifeproof Waterproof Case is the iPhone case that I swear by. Since its release a while back, I have not dared to even bother with any other phone case.

When I am out on the boat, an accidental drop in the lake doesn't leave me with a damaged phone soaking in rice. Instead, I can assure that this phone case will keep my phone protected and dry.

If you know you can be clumsy or find yourself out on the water a lot, this life proof case will come in handy. You can get this awesome camouflage case for just a little over $50 and see why I preach it for yourself.

Life proof Waterproof Case for iPhone 6/6s
lifeproof case

This phone case is the ultimate armor for keeping your phone scratch free and in one solid piece. The case is equipped with a built-in scratch protector and full access to buttons and controls. When it comes to seeing it in action, you won't be disappointed. With this case, your phone can remain fully submerged for up to one hour, at 6.6 meters deep. The casing protects it from water, dirt, snow and more, meeting the IP-68 Ingress Protection Rating.

An added bonus is also that this phone case is shock proof meaning it can withstand an accidental drop from 6.6 meters high. In other words, with this phone case you are guaranteed a non-shattered, perfect phone until your next upgrade.