Leopard Hunts Springbok
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Leopard Shows Impressive Stealth on Hunt for Springbok

The leopard is just one of a bevy of big cat species that call Africa home, but one that people probably don't appreciate for its hunting skills as much as they should. Maybe that's because people don't get to see them hunt and don't appreciate what impressive predators they are. A case in point is footage of a leopard hunting springbok taken from Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park near the corner of Botswana and South Africa. The video picks up a female leopard hiding in the roadway. There's a slight berm in the dirt between the road and the plains. It's enough for the leopard to hide behind as she approaches a young buck springbok.

The springbok seems to have no clue danger is lurking about. The next minute or so passes as the leopard sneaks over the berm and into position, using a tree to block herself from the buck's view. She quickly closes the gap and gets into position directly behind the tree. It's around this time that the springbok realizes something is wrong, but it's too late. The leopard charges from behind the tree and swiftly brings the buck down.

This springbok never had a chance. According to the video's description, the leopard then fetched her two cubs to come feed on the carcass. One animal's life ends, so three more can live. That's the way of things in the harsh African bush. While springboks are also quite beautiful creatures, they are down near the bottom of the food chain. Every predator on the continent has them in their sights as food. The springbok in this video went rather quickly, probably a better end than other "leopard hunts springbok" experiences.

The hunting skills of the leopard just wowed us. Her approach is so graceful and stealthy that you cannot help but admire her for such a clean hunt and takedown. It just serves as a reminder to respect the leopard, as they are one of Africa's great predators.

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