Cameron Lakosky
YouTube: Lee and Tiffany Lakosky

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky's Son Cameron Downs Big 9-Point for First Buck Ever

Every hunter's first buck is special. Even more so for young Cameron, the son of Lee and Tiffany Lakosky. After all, his mother and father are two of the most prominent figures in hunting these days. So, it's not surprising to us at all that they decided to document Cameron's first hunts in full. They start hunting on New Year's Eve, and they are looking for an older buck they have nicknamed Spider. While the first few days of the hunt are quite eventful and they see a ton of deer, the buck they're targeting is nowhere to be found.

One would expect a 7-year-old to quickly get discouraged, but this little guy has clearly watched every one of Mom and Dad's hunting videos, because he handles it all like a pro. Finally, their target buck makes an appearance one evening, and Cameron sends a crossbow bolt through the vitals, resulting in a very exciting recovery involving the whole family the next day.

We'd say this young hunter has a very bright future ahead of him! The young man is already a natural in front of the camera and in the patience required of hunting. Many kids might be spoiled for life with a buck like that as their first, but this is the Lakosky family we're talking about here. We're guessing this is just the first of many we'll see Cameron take as he grows older. You could tell Lee and Tiffany really got a kick out of how long it took their son to spot the downed buck when it was lying right in front of him.

It's great to see so many families capturing hunts like this on camera these days so they can relive the moment years later when their kids are older. Congrats on your first buck, Cameron! We look forward to seeing how you will top it in years to come.

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