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Learn How to Make a Survival Brass Whistle in Under a Minute

Knowing how to make a survival brass whistle is a great skill to have and you can learn it right here in less than a minute.

Knowing how to craft your own survival brass whistle is a great and easy survival skill to have.

If you know how to do it, and you have a couple of tools you can craft one in just a couple of minutes, and even better than that, you can learn this easy skill in less than a minutes. Grab a few brass rounds and dremel tool or a hand saw and watch the video below; you'll be ready to whistle in no time.

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Obviously, the more time you are able to spend refining this skill the better job you'll be able to do and the better whistle you'll be able make and the easier it will be for you to produce one if the need arises.

Take the time to practice, they may not be quite as cool as a pair of bullet earbuds, but you can still give them away to family and friends as quick little gifts.

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