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Lead Ammunition is Under Attack: Here Are the Facts to Help You Fight the Propaganda

Anti-hunting and gun control groups are attacking lead ammunition. This infographic will help you combat their deceitful propaganda.

Anti-hunters and anti-gun proponents are attacking gun and hunting rights on a number of fronts, including trying to implement legislation to ban lead ammunition for alleged environmental reasons.

California has such a ban in place, and anti-freedom zealots in other states are pushing for similar laws. Many states have regulations requiring "non-toxic" ammunition for bird hunting, and there are those who are advocating for all ammunition to be "non-toxic."

The science of lead ammunition affecting wildlife is iffy at best and, in fact, there is plenty of good reason to be highly skeptical of purported studies showing any causal link between lead ammo and inadvertent wildlife deaths.

This infographic reveals some of the issues associated with the lead ammo ban in California. You can use this information and extrapolate it for legislation proposed or in place in other states.

The bottom line is that non-lead ammo is simply unavailable for many calibers, it's expensive, and its implementation would create a hardship for hunters. That is, a hardship significant enough that many hunters would find the hassle of trying to incorporate non-lead ammo into their style of hunting to be untenable.

Many hunters have indicated that they would significantly cut back their hunting or stop hunting altogether if such ammunition bans are implemented. This would in turn dramatically reduce the dollars that hunting provides for wildlife conservation.

This would not bother anti-hunters in the least, as they don't understand or don't believe that hunters largely foot the bill for conservation.

Until non-lead ammunition can be produced that is inexpensive and widely available, such bans are counterproductive. And until the science of lead ammunition can be universally verified these kinds of bans are also premature and foolhardy.

While Trump administration Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke repealed the Obama administration's ban on lead ammunition, that repeal does not impact state-level bans.

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