Lava Flow
YouTube: lavapix

Molten Lava Flow Completely Engulfs Cans of Coca-Cola

In case you ever wondered what lava does to a can of Coca-Cola.

Volcanoes are some of Earth's most destructive natural forces. When magma is still simmering beneath the ground, it may reach temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees. Technically, magma is made up of rock, and when it hits the surface, that is when it becomes lava. These lava flows can move quickly and swallow up anything and everything in their path.

Now, we should not have to warn you that you probably should not play around with lava, but that is not stopping some people. YouTuber lavapix apparently could not resist taking advantage of a flow to see what type of destructive power it would unleash.

The target that he left in the flow's path. An ordinary, can of Coca-Cola, the soft drink recognizable around the world. He places two cans, one with a hole in the top and another without to see what happens when the red-hot lava engulfs it.

In the video's description and comments, the uploader notes that this footage was shot in Hawaii, although not one of the National Parks, but rather an abandoned neighborhood that is now completely covered in a lava flow. As you saw here, the flow annihilated these cans, although slower than we might have expected. The movies always seem to make lava much more destructive for dramatic effect. The video's uploader also explained why a hole was punched in top of one of the cans.

"The first can had a tiny hole punched in the top to prevent it from randomly exploding," the video's description reads "I wanted to see if it would fountain as it heated up, but the can just sort of squirted coke."

Once completely engulfed by the flow, it's a safe bet that the nearly 2,000-degree temperatures destroyed what was left of the can completely. This was a fascinating experiment to watch and a good reminder that if you ever find yourself near a volcano, to give any molten lava a wide berth!

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