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Latest Hunting Product Proves to Be Top Christmas Gift of 2017

Written by Glen Reich

The MWP Bow Pack has become a household name with yet another successful bow season.

Thousands of hunters took to the woods this year toting the MWP Bow Pack, knowing their bows were protected and their hands were free to tackle the most extreme terrain.

The MWP Bow Pack has been tested by all types of sportsmen and women. The results? The MWP Bow Pack is the most well-rounded, innovative, and budget friendly pack of its kind.

Insights' innovative approach to offer an open channel of communication from the consumer to the Insights R&D department is where it all starts.

With a name like "INSIGHTS" their message is clear. "Our goal is to continue to develop a brand that is consistent with the hunter's needs," Insights Hunting President Jason Grau says. "We make quality products, built right and offered at a fair price. We are not going to please everyone, and each pack will not meet every single hunter's needs. However we take our customers comments, thoughts, and ideas, put them in a spreadsheet and count out each type of change or addition.

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"Our customer's insights are what drive our product development. From there, we see what we can afford to put into each product. Then we add just a few more changes we can't afford and set the MSRP to be as budget friendly as possible. That's how we operate."

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Insights Hunting produces a full line of innovative packs for every type of hunter. Whether the  hunter on your Christmas list hunts private or public land, in a tree stand, or in a blind, Elk or Deer or anything in between, they will be sure to love it!

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SPOILER ALERT! They're giving away something free with every purchase! Look for InSights products at a dealer near you this Christmas season and give the gift that will be cherished on every hunt.

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