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It’s Your Last Chance to Enter the #UAFishPhoto Giveaway!

Now’s your last opportunity to submit a #UAFishPhoto to win cool stuff from Under Armour.

The deadline to share your own fishing photo in the the #UAFishPhoto giveaway is June 4, 2017. Under Armour has plenty of stuff to offer up to the winners, and and Wide Open Spaces is happy to have teamed up to make it happen.

Here are a few of the latest submissions:

Mike Burnside
Jeanie Hicken
Edward Panick
Matt Gaudet
Galpal46241 Mom-of-Three
Nichole McKune

All the information about #UAFishPhoto can be found right here, but the basics go like this:

To enter the contest via Twitter, tweet your photo with the hashtag #UAFishPhoto to @UnderArmour. To enter via Instagram, use @UAFish. If you don?t want to share on social media, you can upload your photo directly using this link.


#UAFish supports all anglers and all catches; you won’t be scored based on your fish, and all entries will be included in the contest.

Make sure you check out everything that Under Armour has for anglers on the fishing section of their website.

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It’s Your Last Chance to Enter the #UAFishPhoto Giveaway!