Fishing for Marlin? Here's the Record to Beat, and the Lady Behind It

The largest marlin ever caught by a woman also happens to be the largest marlin ever caught.

A couple years back, Jada Holt made world headlines for landing the largest marlin ever caught by a female. As it turns out, the IGFA then recognized that catch in the record books, as it took the place of the previous world record after 30 years.

Not only is it officially the largest marlin ever caught by a woman, it's also the 130-pound line class record as well.

The record marlin was boated after just a 15-minute battle near Ascension Island in the South Atlantic ocean. The expert boating skills of Capt. Bryan Toney, coupled with Holt's extraordinary fishing talents, made quick work out of what would have been an epic fight.

Holt's marlin, weighing in at an incredible 1305 pounds, easily broke the previous record of 1073 pounds, which stood since 1982.