Lake Trout
YouTube:Fish Frostbite

Ice Fisherman Jigs Up Ridiculously Huge Lake Trout Through Six Feet of Solid Ice

One of the most sought-after targets for many ice fishermen and women is the elusive giant lake trout. Many anglers may go the whole season without hooking into a true giant. The angler in today's video, Fish Frostbite's Justin Jenken, hooks into not one, not two, but three big fish in one afternoon. What makes this trip so unique is the fact Justin is fishing an extremely remote area of Canada in only about 12 feet of water, six feet of which is frozen solid ice. That makes pulling a 40+ inch lake trout even more challenging. He catches so many big fish on this trip his shoulder starts hurting from battling these big lakers. It's the type of trip most of us can only dream of going on.

We thought the first fish would be the only giant of the day until he just kept catching them. This just goes to show one can catch gigantic lake trout in extremely shallow water. Of course, this was a perfect scenario with some rather unusual circumstances, but it proves it can be done. We can't think of any angler would not be thrilled to catch three nice fish like the ones Justin landed in this video.

For those wondering, Baker Lake, Nunavut is a remote region far in Northern Canada. There are no roads to get there, which means far fewer anglers as competition. Some of the best fishing in the world is usually found in some of the hardest-to-reach regions of the world. It takes one serious ice auger to drill through six feet of ice! It takes even more an effort by the angler to clear that ice hole and keep it clear while they are fishing.

Congrats on the awesome catches Justin. We'll be interested to see how you can top these fish as this year's ice fishing season starts to warm up!

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