Sportsman's Guide

You Know It's the Future When You Go On a 12-Day Fishing Trip and Still Have Ice in Your Cooler

This is definitely not your grandfather's fish bucket.

The roots of Guide Gear stretch back a long time. Sportsman's Guide is recognizing their 40th anniversary this year, marking the company's legacy that started when a young Minnesotan entrepreneur started making patches for hunting jackets in his basement. They were a novel idea to help fellow hunters celebrate their season's harvest.

It was a humble beginning, but the product took off, and since then, the brand has grown to serve outdoorsmen of all kinds worldwide.

The product developers at Sportsman's Guide noticed a growing need for sturdy coolers that retain ice for days on end, come in different sizes, and come at an affordable cost. So they set to work developing a better cooler to perfectly suit outdoorsmen needs, and do it while maintaining value and effectiveness.

What they came up with will make you very happy to be living in 2017.

The Guide Gear Ultimate Cooler is one-of-a-kind. No more heading into town for another bag of ice. No more wet truck because of a leaky cooler. Plus, you can slap your fish right on top and measure it to make sure you get the bragging rights you're due.

Hungry grizzly bear? This cooler sees them as a challenge; even if he does smell the fish inside (unlikely), that bear will give up in short order when he realizes how many bear-hours it'll take to claw through this virtually indestructible container.

The Guide Gear Ultimate Cooler comes complete with these essential features:

  • Holds ice for up to 12 days to keep food and fish fresh and beverages cold
  • Leakproof drain plug to retain the inside temperature
  • Tough, roto-molded polyethylene for impact resistance
  • 2.5" of premium insulation
  • Non-slip rubber feet that keep it in place in moving vehicles and bumpy boats
  • Durable polyester rope handles for easy transport
  • 2" tie-down holes and padlock holes molded into the cooler
  • Embossed fish ruler on lid (length differs by model)

It also comes in four smart sizes to fit any adventure:

Whether you're just going fishing on a hot summer day or going off the grid for two weeks, the cooler you wish you could own is now affordable. Check it out here.