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Turkey Decoy Strategy Will Help Anyone Tag Out

It's not always about decoy placement or how well you can call.

Turkey decoys have improved over time for a reason, but using this simple turkey decoy strategy can help you bring those big gobblers in for a shot year after year.

Next time you go out into the field, try painting your tom decoy's head white beforehand and see if it makes a difference.

Watch the video below:

What you've been doing for years may be working well and you aren't in the mind to change things up, but if you're in need of fine tuning your turkey hunting, this turkey decoy strategy could greatly increase your chances for a successful hunt.

Turkey decoy strategy is more than just finding a great turkey decoy on sale, nor is it about just putting out a 3D turkey decoy; it's about using turkey decoys to your advantage. When you combine great decoys with great calls, and great turkey calling, you move your odds up the scale in epic proportions.