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Kendall Jones Interviewed By The Blaze

Our favorite huntress Kendall Jones was highlighted in a poignant interview with The Blaze.

Though the full interview is only available with a membership to The Blaze’s Premium subscription service, it’s our pleasure to direct you to this insightful Kendall Jones video Q&A with Allie Stuckey.

(If you follow the video’s Instagram caption from Stuckey, you should be able to watch the full piece).

I had the privilege of interviewing all-star huntress, @_kendalljones_ , and let's just say… there's so much more to her than people know. Go here and use promo code ALLIE to watch: @theblazetv

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It’s true a lot of online and modern day criticism comes in the form of online, spur of the moment spats of opinion, but when you actually sit down to hear all the sides, a lot can be learned. More than you expect, in fact.

Anti-hunters would stand to hear this, all of it, but will they listen? Will they seek it out? Hopefully they see it and give it the attention it deserves.


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Kendall Jones Interviewed By The Blaze