Air Powered Crossbow
YouTube: Keith Warren Hunting

Keith Warren Tries Out a Unique Air Powered Crossbow on Deer and Hogs


This air powered crossbow could make things easier for hunters with disabilities.

Crossbow technology keeps evolving to be lighter, faster and flatter shooting. Every year it seems we see some new development that makes these weapons even more efficient for the taking of big game animals.

No matter what your feelings on crossbows are, that's good news for hunters with disabilities who cannot use traditional archery gear anymore. These men and women might be forced to give up their favorite pastime otherwise.

In one of his recent videos, Keith Warren is highlighting another brand-new piece of crossbow technology, the Steambow Onyx Tactical. It uses compressed air to load the limbs and it's unlike any other crossbow we've ever seen. There's some nice bonus footage of Warren's daughter using the Dragon Claw air rifle to shoot a nice buck in this video too.


Some of you may be wondering why a crossbow like this is necessary. Well, if a person has problems with their arms that prevent them from cranking the cocking device of a typical crossbow, this would be perfect. Just press the button and the arms are loaded and ready to launch a bolt down range. Most people can manage to push a button at least. This means disabled hunters could go out hunting on their own without the need of someone there to assist priming the weapon.

Warren's hunt proved the bow is highly effective against both whitetails and hogs, producing clean pass throughs of both. Trying to nail two hogs with one shot is an extreme way to test it, but the first hog went down quickly and cleanly.

New crossbow developments that allow hunters to remain totally independent in the field without extra help from a friend or loved one can really help boost a hunter's confidence. In our opinion, any new small features that can help put more hunters in the field is a win in our book.

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