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Keep Your Memorial Day Cookout REALLY Cool with Handgun Ice Trays

This is taking "ice, ice, baby" to a whole new level.

Forget the jumbo bags of ice (or, at least, use those for stuff besides your guests' favorite beverages). These ice trays are way cool and will up your Memorial Day hosting game by a lot. I have a fridge that has never met an ice maker, so ice trays are my best friend, and this is definitely my favorite one. It makes one-of-a-kind ice, and it's a great conversation starter.

You can see what I am talking about for yourself and snag this Fred Freeze! Handgun Ice Tray for just $13.27.

Fred FREEZE! Handgun Ice Tray
ice tray

Like I mentioned before, this ice tray will add a fun twist to any party. This flexible silicone construction allows you to freeze six hefty ice cubes with an easy release so the presentation is perfect.

Drop these into your glass of whiskey on the rocks or chill your water with these cool not-so-square ice cubes.