coolest cooler

Keep Cool with the Coolest Cooler for Your Summer Adventures

Keep your drinks cool in the coolest cooler for cool people.

The Coolest Cooler that caused a ruckus in the world of coolers is making its rounds again with an update and a whole lot to offer. If you didn't already know, the Coolest Cooler is equipped with so much more than just a space to keep your brews chilled. You can cut up limes on the cutting board, blend daiquiris, jam out to your favorite tunes, and pop the top off a cold one right there, too.

If this seems like something you could benefit from (it is), you can snag one right now for $449.95.

Coolest Cooler in Classic Orange

coolest cooler

Like I mentioned earlier, this cooler has its own built-in ice crushing blender so you can make rounds of delicious frozen drinks while also jamming out to your favorite artist through the bluetooth speaker. Despite its cool features, this cooler is also built like a classic cooler with more durability to back it up. The extra thick insulation keeps ice for up to five days while the cooler itself can support over six hundred pounds.

This cooler is a traveling entertainment system and it's surely going to change how you head outdoors with your friends and family. Haul your gear, pack up the good stuff, and bring this cooler with you on your next adventure!