Keep All Your Expensive Outdoor Gear Secure, Dry, and Organized in This Revolutionary New Product

When you add it all up, keeping expensive outdoor gear safe should be a top priority.

Whether you're storing it at home or traveling in pursuit of the next adventure, how you store your outdoor gear should be taken seriously.

Let's assume you're not leaving your fly rods out on the back porch or your hunting boots in an unlocked shed, and you've got good, secure places to keep them when out of use.

But if we're talking about hitting the road, which so many of us outdoorsmen and women need to do to enjoy our favorite hobbies, keeping that stuff safe and untouched becomes a bigger problem.

We'll take a guess that you likely have a truck, or know someone who does, because they're the obvious choice for a sportsmen with fish to catch or wilderness to explore. But tossing things in the back isn't going to satisfy the need to take good care of the things you've invested in.

What you need is a lockable storage system, like the one DECKED has created while specifically keeping the outdoorsman and woman in mind. Their sliding drawers, D-Box storage boxes, and sophisticated design and construction have led to a weatherproof, theft-proof way of protecting your gear.

How would you store your stuff in a DECKED storage system? A rifle case or fishing pole have their place, and a camping stove or decoy bag would have theirs. Smaller items can be kept in a D-Box, keeping everything exactly where you need it, and easily accessible.

Got a canoe or kayak as part of your required gear? DECKED even has sturdy aluminum T-Tracks that are compatible with Thule and Yakima rack systems.

Outdoorsmen should already know they should take care of their gear, but they may not have been aware of how beneficial a DECKED Truck Storage System can be. Now that they have an idea, here's hoping they'll never have to deal with lost, damaged, or stolen gear ever again.