Kayaker Almost Gets Sucked Under Deadly Bridge


When kayaking, you have to keep an eye out for what's up ahead. This is why.

A structure in the water can certainly be one of the most dangerous things you encounter when boating.

Watch as this kayaker films his own battle with a deadly current that could have killed him.

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a lot of words below. but this is the main thing:"Use this video to show your friends who may be starting out in boating. It'll probably educate them more than you could ever realize.""Beginners Eye" We all need to remember to look at the river from a beginners perspective, when we are taking our friends on the river who are just starting out. They don't know why you can't do certain things yet. Because no one may have told them or because they haven't experience something yet.They don't understand why you can float over a bridge one day, but the next day you shouldn't go anywhere near that low water crossing.They don't know what all the hazards are yet. Because they don't have the experience or knowledge.I waited a while to post this video from a friend of mine that was taken earlier this year. He has come a long way since this day. I wasn't with him on this day. But he was with a guy who reacted quickly and helped him up. I still cannot wrap my head around them being able to work him up and out.I'm so glad he didn't get stuffed under this bridge. Even though it was clear underneath, there is rebar sticking down from the bottom and he could have gotten hung up. His boat got some very deep gouges when it went through.His boat and paddle was recovered. And he has kept on boating and getting better. I wish i had told him on one of the many times we had paddled this run before on why it is not a good idea to go near a bridge like this. If i had, this might not have ever happened.So before you call my friend an idiot, noob, jackass, or anything else; just know he already knows that's what he was that day. Luckily he only paid for his mistake with some probably trolling on this video and from his friends for giving him shit about this(because you know we don't let him forget when we're all around a fire!)Use this video to show your friends who may be starting out in boating. It'll probably educate them more than you could ever realize.-whitewaterporn#whitewaterporn#BeginnersEye

Posted by Whitewater Porn on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

In a video Whitewater Porn shared on Facebook, we see a kayaking danger many might not know about.


This bridge allows water to flow under it. While some might be possible to kayak under in low currents, these bridges have rebar stakes and other hazards that can seriously hurt you. This kayaker found himself in a losing fight with a bridge that almost cost him his life.

Luckily for him, his friend was there to save his life. Be careful on the water and always use your head!

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