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Kingfish Takes Kayaker for the Ride of His Life

Facebook: 7News Adelaide

You'd swear too if a kingfish dragged you around like this on the end of a fishing line.

Please excuse this Australian angler from using strong language, because there's few things left to do while you're being ragdoll-dragged through the Port River by a giant kingfish.

The video comes from Yak Hunters Australia, which gives you all you need to know about the group.

Here's what it looks like when you're trying to haul in a monster from a small personal watercraft.


Adelaide angler taken for a ride as he wrestles a kingfish

An Adelaide angler has been taken for ride on the Port River as he wrestled with a kingfish.Details in 7 News at 4pm and 6pm.Watch on Channel 7 Adelaide or 7plus | Yak Hunters Australia#PortAdelaide #7News

Posted by 7NEWS Adelaide on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

How's that for a ride! The guy finally nets the king kayak-side and has himself a deep breath, but things got a little intense there for a moment!

Australia is home to plenty of sportfishing adventures, with a wide variety of species to target. Whether or not this fellow was going after a kingfish isn't known, but his reaction tells us he probably wasn't fully prepared.

Nonetheless, his gear withstood the test and his determination did the rest. And he didn't have to pay for being towed!



Kingfish Takes Kayaker for the Ride of His Life