Abandoned Ship
Facebook Screenshot: UNILAD

Kayaker Paddles Inside and Explores the Interior of a Rusty, Abandoned Ship

Kayaking is a great way to explore areas that can't be accessed any other way.

The world's oceans and larger lakes are filled with thousands of shipwrecks. While most people think of a shipwreck as being on the bottom of the ocean, there are plenty of ships that have run aground in the shallows and are permanently stuck there. With no way to remove them, these rusting hulks are slowly taken apart by the raw forces of nature.

That appears to be the case with the wreck in this video. It is firmly grounded in the shallows with the bottom decks completely flooded. A large hole in the side makes for a tempting access for a shallow watercraft like a kayak.

Though it's possibly a little risky to paddle into such a rust bucket, kayaking into an abandoned ship looks really cool.

Many of us are explorers at heart. That's the beauty of a kayak, we get to explore a watery trail that many times is inaccessible to other boats or foot traffic. There is really no other way to safely explore the interior of a ship that is in such bad shape.

That's exactly what this kayaker is doing in a video shared on Facebook by UNILAD. The kayaker finds a hole big enough in this abandoned ship's hull to slip his kayak through. He then finds a rusted world that's been long forgotten.

We also must be careful to stay safe in our adventures. A cut from a rusty chunk of metal or a dropping piece of steel certainly could end a trip like this in a bad way.

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