Kayaker Comes To The Aid Of Angler Who Lost Very Expensive Rod And Reel
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Kayaker Comes To The Aid Of Angler Who Lost Very Expensive Rod And Reel

One angler can rest easy tonight know there are good samaritans out there. This kayaker saved a very expensive rod and reel from certain doom.

Kayaker, angler, and photographer Christina Boggs came across the fishing pole while out kayaking at Canyon Lake in Arizona. Realizing how expensive the set-up was, she set about immediately find the owner. Boggs took to social media hoping to track down the angler.

Her initial post read, "I found a very expensive rod & reel at Canyon Lake. This setup costs more than every single rod & reel that I own put together and I've always said if I lost one that costs this much I would cry! I really want to find the owner so if you lost a rod at Canyon Lake and can identify the rod, reel & lure and how you lost it, I will return it to you! You need to message me directly!!!!"

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Well, shortly later, Boggs had an update for her followers. She revealed that she managed to track down the owner of the rod and reel and return it to the angler.

Angler Gives Generous Reward

She wrote, "It didn't take me long - I found the owner ? Apparently their bass boat was hit by a wakeboard boat wave last night and he wasn't sure if he had lost anything, but he did. His wife was able to prove it with the location and the pic below showing this rod, reel, and lure on the deck of their boat in a photo she took last night."

The story doesn't end there. It turns out the angler owns a local tackle shop. In response to her good deed, he decided to gift Boggs a new rod and reel of her own.

She explained, "It was the owner of this local tackle shop that I returned to the rod to and he said he pays back what has been paid forward and asked me what kind of rod I prefer. I was hesitant and he said "You don't have a choice!" I reluctantly scooted my rear-end over to his shop and he had this beautiful Daiwa dropshot rod waiting for me. His son told me he had instructions to drop it off at my house if I didn't show up so I knew I needed to accept this very generous gift. I felt good just returning the rod...that felt good enough for me, but now I get to catch fish with this beauty and catching fish makes me really happy."