Kayak Hunting Tips
YouTube: Old Town

Practical and Helpful Kayak Duck Hunting Tips With Old Town

Hunting waterfowl from a kayak is becoming more popular year after year. More hunters realize they can still limit out on ducks without having to buy an expensive motorboat. The kayaks also offer a shallow draft that allows waterfowlers to reach hidden, out-of-the-way locations that other hunters cannot reach with a larger craft. As a result, companies like Old Town have responded with a series of kayaks and canoes, specifically with waterfowl hunting in mind. And it's not enough for these guys to provide you with a watercraft. They also want to help you get the most practical use out of it, so they've released a series of helpful kayak hunting tip videos to help users get the most out of their kayak.

This first video features Old Town's, Ryan Lilly. He gives us some straightforward and practical tips to help make your duck hunting adventures safer and more productive this year. After all, it's never too early to start prepping for hunting season!

Probably the essential tip in this video is the one on shooting from a kayak. It's usually quite frosty, and the waters are generally frigid during those early morning duck hunts. Falling out of your kayak is an excellent way to catch hypothermia and put yourself in danger. Avoid an unexpected tip-over caused by the recoil from your shotgun by always shooting in alignment with the hull. It's also going to make retrieving downed birds easier if they fall in front of you instead of your side.

Another excellent kayak hunting tip: avoid rough conditions. Know your skills with a kayak, and don't try to exceed them. That's when people usually get into trouble. We certainly appreciate the folks at Old Town taking the time to give us some more hints on kayak hunting. Be sure to check out our other piece, where they told us how to rig a kayak or canoe specifically for waterfowl. Check out the Old Town website to see their extensive line of canoes and kayaks.

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