Exclusive: Karma Revero Mule Spotted

Karma Motors appears to be doing some R&D.

This test mule was spotted on the outskirts of Painesville, Ohio, which is near Cleveland. It is unclear why Karma bothered with the masking, as it is extremely obvious what car it is.

Photo by: Javon Johnson

Before being rebranded as Karma, Fisker didn't really do too well. Their only model, the Karma, didn't sell. It was slow, overpriced, and not very spacious for such a large car.

It was also plagued with issues relating to build quality, especially from the start of the production run. They also like catching on fire sometimes.

Its styling was very controversial as well. I liked it personally; it was quite unique, with hints of Aston Martin and BMW in the design.

Photo by: Javon Johnson

As a result, Fisker went bankrupt. They were bought by Chinese company Wanxiang, who set about making a few changes to the car, which is now called the Karma Revero.

They did a few minor design changes, which include new wheel designs and a honeycomb grill, but nothing that is too major. Apparently, they redesigned the layout of the wiring harnesses as well. That's about it, really.

Its drivetrain is basically untouched as well. It still retains the 2.0 liter turbocharged Ecotec engine and a hybrid electric motor system. It does 0-60 in 5.5 seconds, and has a dismal top speed of 125 mph.

Overall, it has a 52 MPGe rating, while a Prius plug-in hybrid gets over 95 MPGe. Like the previous car, it is overpriced at a stratospheric $130,000 starting price.

In any case, it is still just as overpriced as it used to be. Just buy a Prius. Or even better, just walk. Walking uses absolutely no gas at all, and you don't have to worry about your legs depreciating in value.