freaky fishing
Team Hookedonyak/Vimeo

8 Freaky Fishing Costumes Just in Time for Halloween!

"Freaky fishing" could mean a lot of things.

Maybe fishing was so good, it was freaky. Or, it was freaky because so many things went wrong.

But, since it's almost Halloween, we're talking about freaky fishing costumes. What follows could or could not be disturbing to some viewers.

1. That's Gonna Leave a Mark

If you've ever got snagged on a hook (and we all have), this costume is creepy and painful.

2. Clowns

Yep, some freaks fish in clown masks.

3. Um, That's Not Bait

Using your baby as fishing bait. No, nothing freaky about that!

4. This Trio

None of these costumes are particularly freaky, but just imagine seeing these guys on the water.

5. Dogfish

It's a dog. It's a fish. It's a dogfish! Or a fish eating a dog? We're confused.

6. Shorty

This one's just weird. Just imagine how tired your arms would get!

7. Holy @#$!

What the hell is that?! Kill it with fire!

8. The Scariest Fishing Sight of All

The empty cooler! Okay, it's not a costume, but's the freakiest image we've seen this Halloween season.