Join Us in Drooling Over This C.U.T (Combat Utility Tool) Knife

This top-shelf product is pure perfection.

The C.U.T 4.0 is built to combine ring-style knives and field utility blades to bring you the ultimate combat and field knife. With combat professionals in mind, this knife is designed to achieve maximum penetration.

However, this knife also makes a great self-defense EDC for civilians as well as a solid tool for outdoorsmen who need an easily maneuverable, resilient blade. Sturdy in the hand, this thing feels like a lot more than $115.50.

TOPS Knives C.U.T 4.0 Combat Utility Tool Fixed Blade Knife


The utility-style drop point blade is great for all purposes. Get caught up? The ring in the handle allows for you to maximize the use of both hands, giving you better control over the situation at hand. Because of this, it's great for self-defense. The curved handle makes it comfortable to manipulate with precision.

For outdoorsmen, the knife comes with a mess-ready Kydex sheath to protect it from corrosion and bacteria for seasons to come.