75-yard shot
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Joe Rogan Pokes Absolute Stud of an Elk From 75 Yards

Not only was this shot crazy long, but this elk is crazy big.

Bowhunting is a skill that develops over time. You can go out to the range and try shooting at different distances and adjust accordingly. But you can't really prepare for the real-life shooting conditions of a hunt until you've stalked an animal with a bow.

Perhaps you've gone to your indoor range and backed it all the way up to 100 yards, but you're on flat ground in a temperature-controlled building. You're shooting without any pressure because a missed shot doesn't mean anything.

You aren't accounting for wind, elevation, glare or fatigue from hiking. You aren't concerned about the angle of a shot, as you're shooting at flat targets. You don't have to account for where your target will flee should it not drop right away.

However, 75 yards in a real-life hunting situation is insane. Very, very few people would feel comfortable taking that shot, but Joe Rogan went for it.

Watch the video below:

Hunting alongside John Dudley in California, Rogan proves practice does pay off, though, as he's able to make the perfect shot from 25 yards shy of a football field.

If you're being honest with yourself, do you think there's any chance you could've ever made that shot? And, even if you did, is there any chance you'd make that heart shot?

Joe Rogan has done a lot for bowhunting in the last few years, using his podcast as a platform to show many of his non-hunting listeners what it means to harvest an animal. He hasn't only provided a powerful voice for the hunting community, though. He's also been a part of some incredible hunts with some of biggest names out there in the last few years.

This elk hunt might top them all, though.

Congrats on a giant bull, Joe!