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Jinx Dog Food Review: Made Fresh for the Modern Dog

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Customer reviews are an excellent way to learn about a product before purchasing. If you're anything like me, even a best seller has to have feedback, good and bad, before I'm confident to buy.

With so many dog food options available for our furry friends, pet parents can be overwhelmed with new products and dog treats. Well, folks, I've got some good news. Jinx products were generous enough to send some of their dog food products my way for a product review.

Of course, as tasty as these chewy dog treats appeared, I did not consume them. Instead, my product review is based on the excitement of our doggies. Happy tail wags, lip licking, and helpless little groans for more are usually good indicators of a high star rating.

So let's get down to the good stuff with a quick overview of Jinx products. For more information, you should head on over to the Jinx website and check out their FAQ, thoughtfully written for dog parents who want to satisfy picky eaters with grain-free goodies.

Clean Crafted Kibble for the Modern Dog

Jinx Dog Food

Jodie Michalak

Dry dog food is just so basic. Even premium dog food brands leave something to be desired. If you're the type of pet owner to scour Amazon for healthy pet food, you and your dog are in for a real treat.

The first thing I noticed after receiving a fresh box of high-quality modern dog kibble was the clean packaging and scrumptious blends of superfoods stuffed into moist and chewy bits. There are plenty of Jinx product blends to satisfy even the most discerning palette. Our picky eaters were just as curious about this new Jinx stuff as we were.

All of the natural ingredients in Jinx dog food products looked delicious enough for human consumption. This dog food company's formulations include Salmon and Pumpkin Jerky Treats, Chicken and Mango Jerky, Peanut Butter and Blueberry Biscuits, I mean, what can I say? This is certainly not the old store-bought boring, dry, and grain-packed dog food that picky eaters notoriously turn their nose up at. (And really, who can blame them?) This is straight-up human-grade healthy dog food made to improve the wellness of dogs everywhere.

The pet parents over at Jinx lovingly crafted quality ingredient superfoods that dog parents can feel good about. Just as our lifestyle and dietary needs have evolved (especially during isolation due to the pandemic), so has your furry friend's. Jinx makes the choice easy. As you're busy shopping away for gluten-free food sources and chef-worthy ingredients, you should do what's best for your pets and maybe buy them salmon, brown rice, and sweet potato dog food instead. Jinx products aren't stuffed with processed fillers, and that's something you and your dog should give a woof about.

Dental Chews Worth Smiling About

In addition to their fresh dog foods and treats, Jinx has its line of dental chews. All Smiles Dental chews are lovingly made from a blend including chicken, peppermint oil, and sweet potato. Consider them a low-calorie after-dinner mint that freshens your pup's breath and prevents tooth decay and buildup.

Should you give Jinx dog food a try? Only if you're a pet parent who has your dog's best interests in mind.

Head to Jinx to shop online or to find a retailer near you. (And be sure to grab the chewy Salmon and Pumpkin Jerky Treats. Our dogs gave them a 5-star rating. But who's counting?) Paws up. Thanks, Jinx.

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