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Jimmy Houston Joyous to Discover Pet Deer has Triplet Fawns

Jimmy Houston's pet deer just had triplets!

If you have not been following fishing legend Jimmy Houston's YouTube channel over the past year, you have missed a lot. The pro angler lives on a ranch that is high fenced in Oklahoma and he has a lot of deer running around freely on the property. A few years ago, Houston and his wife noticed a fawn hanging around their yard. After a few days, they realized it was a rare case where a baby deer was abandoned.

They ended up raising the young doe, which they named Lucy, to adulthood. They gave her free reign to come and go as she pleases, and it seems the deer has taken a liking to Houston. Last year during the rut, Lucy had quite a few gentlemen callers in Houston's front yard, which he documented fully on his channel.

Houston suspected his beloved semi-pet deer was pregnant and he ends up confirming it in this video. Watch as the legendary pro angler goes out to discover Lucy has given birth to triplets. It is one of the more heartwarming things you will see this week.

With all the terrible news headlines and ugly things that have happened in the year 2020, we are glad to see something positive for a change. Lucy's fawns are nothing short of adorable. Regardless of your feelings on high fences, we got a kick out of Houston's pure joy at this situation. He has continued to give additional updates on the deer. He has left his boat storage barn open as a place for Lucy to stash her fawns away from coyotes and other predators living in the area.

Obviously, this is not a situation that you should try with a wild deer, but it is interesting to see Lucy interacting with her fawns up close like this. It is something not many humans get to witness up close. Most first-time deer mothers have just a single fawn. The fact that Lucy had three is probably a testament to good nutrition this young deer got from living around humans. Lucy appears to be a good and attentive mother.

Thanks for sharing the good news with us Jimmy. We look forward to more updates on Lucy and her fawns as the summer progresses.

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