Jay Leno's 3 Rules for Buying Collector Cars

Rejoice, car enthusiasts. Former late night comedian and prolific car collector Jay Leno has bestowed his car wisdom, laying out three rules for buying collector cars. Leno's three basic rules are:

1. The vehicle should be of technical or historical interest.
2. It should be fun to drive.
3. It should be pleasant to look at.

Surprisingly, no rule towards car appreciation applies, as its not something Jay Leno looks for when purchasing a vehicle. Per his argument, a depreciating collector car you like would still hold some kind of sentimental value, canceling out the financial hit.

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"If you're just trying to buy cars for investment purposes, you'll always be disappointed because you'll never make enough money," said Leno in a recent interview. "But if you buy something that you like, if it goes down in value, then at least you still like it."

After retiring from The Tonight Show after a 20-year run, Leno went on to launch Jay Leno's Garage, a collector show series where he travels across the country in search of unique automobiles. Leno's collection comprises more than 150 cars and motorcycles, including rarities such as the 1969 Lamborghini Miura S, Bentley Speed 6, and contemporaries like the McLaren P1.