What Does Java Moss Do for Your Aquarium?

There are many different care guides (we have many on the site) on various fish breeds but plants also have some specific care guides. Fish Aroma tells us that moss grows in moist, tropical climates on rocks and tree trunks near bodies of water. The easy-to-grow nature of moss make it perfect for beginner-friendly people in the aquatic world. 

Java Moss is commonly known as Christmas Moss or Singapore Moss. This water plant provides fresh greenery to any fish tank, and it's really beautiful.

The appearance of Java Moss


Java moss is used in freshwater aquariums for many reasons, but its appearance is why it's so popular.

Fish Keeping World tells us "it can be used to soften harsh features in the aquarium. For example, cover the wall or floor, or even cover the filter to make it look attractive."

"Moss provides your tank with a more natural feel - if you ever walk through a damp forest you're highly likely to find moss growing on most surfaces, especially if there is a stream or river nearby.

Possibly the most popular use of java moss is Aquascaping. Aquascaping is the craft of arranging aquatic plants, driftwood, stones, and rocks in a beautiful way. Much like gardening, but underwater."

Benefits of Java Moss

Fish aroma includes a long list of benefits for adding Java Moss to your tank!

Other than beauty there are many reasons to add Java Moss to your tank:

  • Java Moss aerates the water of the tank. It helps in the oxygenation process.
  • It can act as a natural filter for your aquarium.
  • It is an ideal place for the spawning of some fish breeds.
  • It reduces the growth of obnoxious algae in your fish tank.
  • This plant secures the substrates at the bottom of the tank by acting as an eco-friendly carpet.

5 tank requirements for Java Moss

This plant can freely float on the water surface or use its rhizoids to attach itself to the substrate, rock or driftwood. It absorbs nutrients from its leaves and stems.

  • You need a 5-gallon tank for planting this 4" (10 cm) plant.
  • Java Moss prefers living in a low-light aquarium because it can make its foods with low light energy.
  • You don't need a special substrate for planting Java Moss because you can plant it on stones, driftwoods or gravels.
  • You can add liquid fertilizers and a dosage of CO2 to speed up the growth rate of Moss.
  • Arrange a filter in the tank to provide proper water circulation.

How to take care of it

Maintaining good water quality is the best way you can provide for your Java moss, but periodic feedings with liquid fertilizer will promote new growth and keep your moss healthy. Don't let it collect debris!

There are many beautiful aquarium plants and Java Moss is on the top of my list! This also provides hiding places for fish as this floating plant creates a moss carpet wherever it floats.

Make sure you take good care of this plant as the water parameters (i.e. water changes, water current) do make a difference. Hobbyists will tell you that this aquarium moss is their fave and the moss wall it creates is brilliant. We live in Oregon and moss grows everywhere! The trees even look like they're wearing a fur coat. Moss creates a real natural look in your tank along with the other live plants you grow for your fish to create an aquascape.

Please leave us a comment below and let us know what you think of your fish tank?

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