Air Mattress
YouTube: Taras Kul

Behold the Camping Air Mattress that Unfolds and Re-Packs Itself

Behold the self-inflating and unfolding air mattress.

We love camping. Some of our best night's sleep has often come on a cool summer's night listening to the sounds of nature just outside the walls of our tent. However, some people do not like sleeping on the hard ground and prefer some sort of mattress that gives a similar level of comfort to their bed at home.

We have had our share of ups and downs with air beds in the past. Some have proven more durable and comfortable than others.

The biggest thing we hate about air mattresses is setting them up, taking them down and simply storing them. Most are quite bulky and do not come with a storage case, meaning you must buy another container to hold them. Well, it turns out that our favorite gadget YouTuber Tara Kul may have found the perfect solution in the Ivation E-Z Bed. Check it out.

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This air bed seems to solve every complaint we have ever had about air beds in the past. It practically sets itself up and re-packing it is easier than ever to have a comfortable night's sleep while camping. We like the fact that it is attached to its own storage case for simplicity. Having legs to stand on also makes it easier to get in and out of bed when compared to traditional air mattresses that sit on the ground.

This also helps lessen the chance that the mattress will get popped by a sharp stick or stone on the ground. We can get behind that.

The only downside we see is the size. An air mattress like this is only going to fit inside a larger family-style tent with a lot of headroom. This would fit nicely in my 10x16 tent. Thanks Tara, for showing us a unique new mattress we never knew existed!

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