Is This the Largest Elk Anyone Has Ever Set Eyes On?

Monster elk! Social media gives you the chance to see everyone's trail cam photos and hunting videos. But this takes the cake.

We have all seen some big elk. Whether that is in magazines or in real life hunting experiences.

But when your eyes get flooded with images and videos via social media, yet an elk can still stop you from scrolling through your newsfeed... you know it's big.

Enough reading, now watch this:

Now sure, many are going to claim they have seen multiple that dwarf this. Maybe, but that doesn't change the fact that this bull is absolutely enormous.

You can tell just by the way that it walks: staggering every step as if there are two small trees protruding from its skull.

According to the guy who posted the video, he also ended up harvesting this bull and scored it at 437. As if the bull wasn't beautiful enough, the scenery and background make this video hard to watch just once.

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