Best Laser Rangefinder For Your Money

Is This the Best Laser Rangefinder for Your Money?

Nikon's new rangefinder has a lot of cool features that elevate it above the competition.

Bushnell, Leupold, Leica, Simmons, and Vortex all make some outstanding laser rangefinders. However, in addition to their line of quality rifle scopes, Nikon just released a new rangefinder: the Black RangeX 4K. This one really stands out from the rest of the pack and is running for the title of the best laser rangefinder of the 2018.

The folks at Ochocos Outdoors generously provided me with one to try it out and boy, was I impressed. Watch the video to learn why this rangefinder is such a high-quality item.

To recap, here are a few reasons this is one of the best laser rangefinders out there.

First, it has a really long maximum range: 4,000 yards for a reflective target, 1,700 yards for a tree and 1,500 yards for a deer. I personally was able to range a building at 3,921 yards under very demanding light conditions. So, if you're planning on taking a long-range shot, this rangefinder is a great bet for measuring the distance to your target.

Second, it incorporates what Nikon calls "Tru-Target Technology," which allows the user to choose between first and last target priorities to get the best possible reading.

Third, it incorporates angle-compensating technology that enables the user to find the exact horizontal distance to the target regardless of the angle. This is great for long-distance hunting in hilly terrain as well as bowhunting from a treestand.

Fourth, it has really fast measurements. I've never encountered another laser rangefinder (even my high-quality Leupold RX-850i) that could give a distance reading anywhere near this fast.

Fifth, it has an easy-to-read, adjustable display. The rangefinder has 6X magnification, which is a good balance between having a wide field of view and enough magnification to see objects at long distances. It's powered by a single CR2 battery.

Sixth, it's sturdy, waterproof, rainproof and easy to use.

Finally, it's available at a very reasonable price, when compared to other laser rangefinders in that price range.

To tell you the truth, I've used a bunch of rangefinders, and this is by far the best laser rangefinder I've tested out.

Has anyone else used the RangeX? What are your thoughts?

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