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Pet Coyote Taps Into Primitive Side, Howls From Living Room Couch

A pet coyote sounds pretty cool, but it's a dangerous idea.

Most outdoorsmen have given thought to how cool it would be to have a pet coyote instead of a domesticated dog. They see foxes, wolves an other wild animals and can't help but consider the possibilities. However, most pet owners who take on a coyote pup quickly find they have their hands full.

These exotic animals seem awesome on the outside, but they're always going to be wild at heart Just check out this video showing off a family who took on a new pet at some point, most likely as a pup.

You have to admit, though, this would be pretty cool, despite the obvious dangers that would come along with it.

You know, I've howled like that before and made my lab howl back at me. It's cute, but it's no coyote.

I think we have to go ahead reiterate that no one should try this at home. If you find a baby coyote and decide to bring it into your family home, just remember that it could try to eat you in your sleep. They are dangerous animals and should be treated with respect. Coyote attacks are rare, but inviting one into your home would probably increase your odds.