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Intense Footage of Hog Hunting with a Spear

tim wells spear hunting

Tim Wells is no stranger to successfully hunting with a spear, but getting this boar from the ground is quite impressive.

We all love Tim Wells. He’s sarcastic, funny, down to earth and most of all, an outside-the-box hunter. When it comes to hunting, you can take the easiest, by the book hunt or you can take and do things Tim Wells’ way. I like the latter.

In this episode of Tim Wells Bow Hunter, Tim takes us to Texas, where he and his cameraman get it done.

The temperatures are warm and the hogs are laying low, so they try to sneak up for the ultimate spear shot. When things don’t pan out right away, they head to the stand and get a couple back-to-back with some intense footage from the camera attached to the spear.

Check out the crazy footage below:

Wells never seems to like to take the easy path and his determination is addictive. With a full moon, he follows up on spearing a boar from the ground. We all know he’s no stranger to success from the ground either, but it just never gets old.

It comes as no surprise that he’s successful. Even as the boar turns directly at him after the first spear, he manages to get a second spear in.

Overall, it’s another great episode from Wells and some more bacon for the pan.

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Intense Footage of Hog Hunting with a Spear