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InSights Hybrid Bow Pack Sets the Bar Higher Than Ever!

Lampasas, Texas - Making its industry debut in 2016, the MWP Bow Pack by InSights Hunting rapidly climbed the charts with its patented multi weapon compartment, crazy weight reducing design and nearly 1,800 cubic inches of additional storage. Built for thick forests, wide open ranges, tree stand hunting and spot/stalk, the MWP Bow Pack is the perfect fit for numerous hunter types. At first, the boys from the south found themselves struggling to convince brick-and-mortar archery dealers that the packs would sell as the InSights team wasn't aware that the past few years had not been fruitful for dealers in the backpack category, leaving many expensive and generic packs collecting dust on the clearance racks.

Armed with some serious innovation, a couple dozen faithful dealers, and a new website, InSights Hunting launched the first ever true bow pack in August of 2016.

After a successful 2016-2017 hunting season, 5 star reviews everywhere and a customer base proud to call themselves "InSights Nation," InSights has unveiled two more packs for the 2017-2018 hunting season.

Another hybrid pack featuring Multi Weapon Pack (MWP) technology, InSights' Crossbow - Rifle Pack is the first of its kind to offer removable optics protection and a spine protector to keep the trigger guard out of your back. Secondly, weighing in at a mere 1lb 8oz, the Super Lite Daypack is a multi purpose hunting pack that can store up to 1900 cubic inches of cargo.

The masterminds at InSights pride themselves on being the new kids on the block and consider that an advantage in a stagnant category. InSights encourages their following to write in and give feedback.

They look to InSights Nation to help in the R&D department, so all InSights products have the customers' unique insights in their design; pun intended.

All packs made by InSights feature the widely popular Realtree Xtra camo, with the exception of a limited edition Realtree Original Daypack... Wink... wink.

Look for InSights products at a dealer near you this hunting season. Go to to learn more.

InSights Hybrid Bow Pack Sets the Bar Higher Than Ever!