Inside Look at the New Tactacam at the 2017 ATA Show

Today, everyone is looking to film their own hunt without breaking the bank. The all new Tactacam may just be the thing you are looking for.

The Tactacam 2.0 was one of the first cameras to attach the hunter's weapon and give a solid recording of the hunt.

Ben Stern of Tactacam gave us a quick look at the upgrades made to the original camera at the 2017 ATA Show. He also describes the Tactacam 3.0 and 4.0, and the difference between the both.

Watch below as Ben give us a quick look at what those new Tactacam's look like.

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I personally use the new Tactacam 4.0 and must say, there is some great quality in the new one. Not only is there quality, but with the 4.0 I can connect it to my phone and see what my camera sees. I have a few more options when it comes to FPS (Frames Per Second) with the app that you don't get with the 3.0. My favorite feature however, is the 5x zoom and the auto focus.

The lens is set up to focus at the background, and not the foreground. This is important when hunting because often times there are branches or objects in the foreground. If the camera had focused on that, you would never get a good look at the animal coming in.

The new line allows you to focus on that animal and allows you to work in 2.7K, 1440, 1080 and even in slow motion at 720p with 120fps.

For more information on the Tactacam visit their website.

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