The .300 Win Mag Did a Number on This Big Feral Hog

Pigman sends a pig to pig heaven with a .300 Win Mag from 253 yards and it is epic.

Hog hunting is crucial in states like Texas. The population is out of control, so when you get the chance to take one out, you do it.

Pigman does it in style with a .300 Win Mag and it is rather impressive.

The .300 Win Mag flattens the pig from 253 yards and puts him feet up on the dirt.

"I don't always pinch hogs, but when I pinch hogs, I pinch with the ELDX from Hornady," Pigman says.

How awesome are the second-angle POV camera shots in this video though?

After adding a little corn, a powerful cartridge and an accurate shot, another hog bites the dust.

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