Impatient Pup Honks at Owner Because Oh My Gosh You Are Slow

Does your partner take too long running into the store? No problem, just take a cue from this impatient pup, who lets him know that it's time to go! 

"Let's GO!"

That's what one New Jersey pooch had to say about his owner taking a little too long inside a convenience store  where they had stopped. Video footage taken by Justin Crail, which has since gone viral, shows a large dog in the driver's seat incessantly honking the car horn in what appears to be an effort to get his or her owner's attention.

The tactic worked, and after just a few seconds you can see the pooch's owner quickly walking back out toward the car. Then, and only then, did the honking stop.

While outrageous, apparently dogs honking horns isn't anything new. Several videos online have documented dogs honking at their slow owners all over the country, including this big curly-haired cutey, who looks like he's got a carful of kids in the backseat and just DOES NOT have time for you to be messing around at the store.

This Boxer just lays on that sucker for one long, loud honk while simultaneously staring at onlookers without a care in the world.

And this little guy opted to assault everyone's ears with a honk/bark combo.

This just goes to show that you shouldn't keep your dog waiting, or ever care about anything except meeting every fickle need of your four-legged friend. If you do need to run inside and you have your hound in the backseat, take care not to ever leave your dog alone in a hot car.