whitetail deer

Trail Camera Picks Up the Sound of Deer Farting in the Woods

This deer farts in the woods, and luckily (or unluckily?) a trail cam was there to capture it.

All right, quit laughing. You haven't even watched the video yet, and you're reduced to a 2nd-grade maturity level, aren't you?

OK, we'll admit that it doesn't matter who you are or what your age is... farts are just funny. They can backfire when you're trying to stay silent while deer hunting, and produce some real trouble when you're boxed up in a blind with others.

But humans aren't the only ones who need to relieve themselves of a little gas now and again. Even the majestic whitetail deer, favorite game animal of millions of United States hunters, have to let go.

Seeing a trail cam video of a deer with a nice rack like this usually gets the attention of hunters, but the actual noise that's heard on this clip will make you chuckle, guaranteed.

The other deer in the background certainly seemed to take notice as well, so we're counting on this being the real thing, and not an attempt at creating a funny-but-fake video for the sake of going viral. The fact that the noise coincides with a tail raise... well... What else do you need?

Besides, it was uploaded by STEALTH CAM, the trail camera company, and meant to be a sort of marketing angle. If you can pick up fart noises, imagine what else these high-quality trail cams can do!

Passing gas will never not be funny, and the whole world knows it. When it occurs in real-life situations, there's usually a good amount of awkwardness that ensues.

But animal farts are a different breed. There's a large possibility that potty humor like this is going to go over pretty well among the hunting community, mainly because they usually have a pretty great sense of humor (and it doesn't hurt that they're predominantly men, either).

So the next time you're bored while hog hunting, or want to show your deer hunting buddies something they'll laugh at, pull this one out.