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Idiot Poachers Illegally Killed a Deer Right in Front of a Texas Game Warden

Sometimes a game warden's job is easy.

Game wardens have a pretty tough job. They're often understaffed and underfunded, making it sometimes difficult to catch wildlife thieves.

And then other times, the poachers make things easy. That's just what happened in Texas recently. In their latest Game Warden Field Notes report, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department detail a wild story out of Scurry County.

An unnamed local game warden was out supervising two 10-year-old boys on a youth deer hunt.

"While the warden sat in the box blind with the young hunters, one of the boys asked what would happen if a poacher came here right now? The warden said he would arrest him, of course," the press release reads.

Only a half hour later, the warden and the boys were watching a spike buck from 300 yards out when the unbelievable happened.

A pickup truck driving on a country road next to the property stopped, and a poacher got out and shot the young buck!

As crazy as that was, it got even wilder because the next thing the three stunned eyewitnesses knew, the shooter and the driver ran into the field and dragged the buck back to their truck!

Luckily, the father of one of the young hunters was nearby and was able to take over supervising them while the warden went to carry out his earlier promise to the boys.

After a short chase, the warden was able to arrest both of the unnamed suspects. Both were taken to Scurry County Jail where they'll face charges for taking the deer without the permission of the landowner. They'll also likely have to pay for civil restitution of the poached deer.

It sounds like we've got a new one for the stupid-poacher list here at Wide Open Spaces. If only every wildlife criminal made it this easy to catch them!