Hunting with Eagles
YouTube: Serval Channel

Trained Golden Eagle Gives Wild Boar the Scare of its Life

Hunting with eagles is still a tradition in some parts of the world.

Humans have devised many unusual methods of hunting to give them an edge and put food on the table over the centuries. One of the oldest tricks people devised was using other animals to help them capture prey items. Most people use dogs, but in many parts of Europe and Asia, people have been using eagles for centuries.

It may seem like an unusual tactic but using an eagle's natural predatory instincts and abilities works. In this video out of Slovakia, these hunters use a trained eagle to hunt wild boars and foxes.

Watching this giant majestic bird work its magic in a field is a sight to behold and makes for one of the most unusual hunting methods we have ever seen. At the same time, we want to try it!

The eagle came so close to nabbing that wild boar. When it flew up to adjust its grip, the first thing that hog did was high tail it out of there! We cannot blame the pig. This is a true testament to the golden eagle's strength that it was able to stop that hog in its tracks like that. Many traditional eagle hunters also target deer with the giant birds of prey.

If the eagles can take down boars and deer, smaller animals like those foxes are not going to stand a chance against them. The traditions of eagle hunting are thousands of years old in some parts of the world like Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. The number of hunters practicing it has arguably dropped in the modern age, but it is good to still see some hunters embracing the tradition.

The captive eagles get a chance to test out the predatory instincts ingrained in them by nature too. We are not sure what was being said at the end of this video, but it is clear these guys had a great day in the field with their birds. Hopefully, the tradition of eagle hunting will remain for many centuries to come.

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