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Hunting Utility Kit Keeps You Prepared no Matter What Kind of Hunt You're on

Janis Putelis goes through his hunting utility kit to give you an idea of the things you should take with you to prepare for almost any eventuality in the field.

Being prepared is a big part of being a safe and responsible hunter. About the only thing we can expect when we're in the backcountry is that the unexpected will happen.

A hunter's utility kit can help you with many of the unexpected issues that we seem to inevitably run into when in the field.

First thing on the list is a bag or container for your utility kit contents. Putelis goes with the Backcountry Organizer from Outdoor Research, but you should find something suitable for your personal needs. This zippered organizer has multiple pockets and space for Putelis' gear.

He also keeps all of his bits and pieces of gear inside of resealable heavy duty ziplock baggies.

His first aid kit is a priority, which he's built from scratch and includes items that he feels are important. Next is a survival kit that contains fire starting material, which includes fire starting cubes and a duct tape wrapped lighter.

The survival kit also contains a small fishing kit, an emergency blanket, a rubber patch or mending kit and insect wipes.

He has his license and tags sealed inside a ziplock baggie as well.

Putelis includes an adhesive target in case he needs to resight his rifle in the field.

Additionally, the kit contains small containers of Gold Bond powder and petroleum jelly, water purification tablets, extra set of contact lenses and a small mirror, two headlamps, a multitool, 50 feet of paracord, sharpening stone and cable ties. These items are constants and are included in every kit no matter the type of hunt he's on.

If he's going big game hunting he'll include surveyors tape for marking trails, an optics lens cloth, all-weather grease, and a bore snake.

For a small game hunt he'll keep the grease but lose the other big game hunt items while adding a choke wrench and an extra choke.

The entire utility kit weighs just under a pound.

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