hunting huge black bears with hounds

Hunting Huge Black Bears with Hounds Gets up Close and Personal Quickly

Hunting bears with hounds is an up close and personal way to hunt.

This big black bear sees its chance to maul this hunter. Don't fall off the edge of your seat watching this.

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. Well that old saying almost came true for this black bear hunter.

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Hunting Special shared on Youtube a video of hound hunting big black bears that might just wake you up really quick. While walking in to where the hounds have a huge black bear cornered the bear takes a charge at the hunter. A quick shot from behind a tree put the bear down for a moment. It then sprang to it's feet and was on the attack again. Quick cycling of his bolt action rifle and calm nerves saved this hunter from certain mauling. A second shot at almost contact distance put this tough bear down for the count.

An old bear hunting quote from way up north states "You hunt the bear until the first shot, then it hunts you." After the shot that big ole bear knows where you are. Better be ready.