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Hunter's First Georgia Deer Harvest Will Tug on Everyone's Heartstrings


This hunter's first Georgia deer harvest will warm your heart and likely make you tear up. 

We all remember the first time we went hunting, but we also remember the first time we harvested our first deer. Maybe for you, it was a doe or a four-point buck, or maybe you harvested the buck of a lifetime your first time hunting.

Whatever the case may be, this hunter's first Georgia deer harvest will be one to remember.

Watch the video below:


Y'all better ask somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Years of patience and Stuart Sumner gets it done.For clarification: the gun was unloaded. I just wanted him to feel the real rush of walking up on his trophy. I knew the deer was done Before I walked him over there.... I agree it makes me cringe some too. But I knew Stu was gone be pumped up so the gun was empty..... I told him I had "found blood lets go find your deer". Every hunter knows that feeling of uncertainty as u look for your buck and then the awesome feeling when you finally see him...... We have done this many times together with sadder endings:( ........ Just enjoy the video for what it is.

Posted by William Giddens on Sunday, October 23, 2016

I will give you a minute to find a tissue and clear your throat. This hunter definitely created a memory that will last forever. Even his hunting buddy almost started crying while filming him walking up to the deer.

This is what hunting is all about. It's about creating memories with friends and family. It's about getting in the outdoors. It's about taking someone on their first hunt.

Do you have a memorable hunt you want to share? Did you film the experience? We're always listening.


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