Wyoming Mule Deer
YouTube: The Wild Outdoors

Hunter Smokes Big Wyoming Mule Deer at Close Range on Season's Opening Day

Nothing beats downing a big buck on opening day!

The winds of change are in the air and the fall is finally upon us. That means that it is almost time to head out deer hunting. We live for opening day and we cannot wait for the seasons to start in our state. Many hunters who live in states with early seasons are already beginning to have some luck and this hunt out of Wyoming proves that.

"Jimbo" of The Wild Outdoors is out on opening day of Wyoming's bow season hoping for a chance at a big buck. It turns out that he does not have to wait long as he gets the opportunity at a great mule deer, his first ever that afternoon.

It's a thrilling hunt full of whitetail, mule deer and even pronghorn antelope sightings that is sure to get you pumped up for the seasons in your area. Check it out.

The great thing about Wyoming is that there are areas where one can see whitetails, mule deer, pronghorn and even elk in the same area if you can find it. It makes this state a sportsman and woman's paradise that every hunter should visit at least once.

What a great buck and an exciting hunt! The arrow did not appear to get much penetration, but if you were watching closely as that buck ran off, you could see the blood spurting out the side. He got enough to cause a major injury and a quick, ethical kill.

Most mule deer hunts you see on TV or online are spot and stalk efforts. It was interesting to see a ground blind utilized in this hunt. The evening setup worked to perfection and now he has an incredibly nice buck to fill the freezer with. Very nice shooting Jimbo!

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