Check Out This Huge Pod of 50 Killer Whales Showing Off for the Camera

Over 50 killer whales surprise patrons of Newport Coastal Adventure in Orange County.

Filmed on November 30, 2016 in Newport Beach, CA, this video captures dramatic footage of a pod of killer whales as they pass through a group of visors to the Newport Coastal Adventure.

Watch as the pod of killer whales swims past numerous boats, giving the passengers a real thrill.

According to the Facebook user, these killer whales travel in "several sub-groups of about 3-10." He estimates there were about 50 to 80 whales total in the pod of killer whales.

As you can see, the pod of killer whales simply relished having the open water. They truly looked content and happy to be free in their natural habitat.

Did you see how close the whales got to some of the boats? No doubt the people aboard had a great view, but they we running the risk of getting bumped and possibly knocked over. Keep in mind, you don't always have to go the Northwest to see beautiful killer whale pods.