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YouTube: MeatEater

How to Vacuum Seal Your Wild Game Meat

If you want your wild-game meat to last in the freezer, you need to vacuum seal it.

As hunters, the ultimate measurement of success isn't the score of an animal, but rather the amount of meat in your freezer.

In fact, many hunters make it a point to only eat wild-game meat instead of shopping for farm-raised meat at the grocery store.

Because game meat can come in bunches—one deer can fill a standard freezer—making sure it'll stay fresh for a longer shelf life is paramount.

While a standard Ziploc bag will preserve meat temporarily, you need to vacuum seal your protein if you want it to maintain its freshness for extended periods of time.

Lucky for us, Ryan Callahan is here to show us how the folks at MeatEater vacuum seal their wild-game meat.

Watch the video below:

So, as you can see, Callahan recommends the Weston Pro 3000 Vacuum Sealer, which he claims is MeatEater favorite.

What I find the most interesting about his method is that he packages each cut of fresh meat with seasoning other flavor enhancers. Instead of waiting until it's time to prepare the meal, he lets each cut soak up flavor in the freezer.

As he says, however, there's a trick to doing it right, where you don't overpower the meat or create air pockets in the packaging that could result in freezer burn.

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