How to Take Inventory of Your Hunting Gear and Determine What You Need (and Don't)

Many hunters are very guilty of hoarding gear.

Taking inventory of these items can be very helpful for future seasons. If you have things you don't need, you can find ways to part with them and possibly make some scratch to get the things you do need.

These three tips will help you inventory your hunting gear to help determine what you really need.

1. Make a list of what you used (and what you didn't) last season

What did you actually use while chasing deer, birds, or varmints during open seasons? What never left your pack, or worse, never left your storage closet?

Over the years, accumulation of hunting gear piles up while we may only use a small percentage of it. Determine which items are the most used.

2. Lighten your pack's load

Can that big backpack be shrunk down to a smaller size? Perhaps the few really necessary pieces of equipment can fit in a sling pack or shoulder bag?

With a smaller pack, you will be forced to make choices on what you really need to pack and what is merely stuff you drag along with you.

3. Trade up to better gear

After going through your hunting gear and making a list of what you really use, you will be left with a pile of extra unused hunting gear. Well what do you do with that pile now?

It might be worth looking into trading gear. Also, check a local gun or sportsman's show and see if there are buyers looking for the things you have, and you may be able to trade with them.

Selling outdoor gear online has grown into a major method of earning money on unwanted stuff. That vintage deer call you never use might actually be worth something to a collector, or you might just encounter someone who's starting out in hunting, and wants to do so affordably.

With a little work and effort, you'll be able to get that awesome deer stand or that really nice shotgun you have been eyeing, and do it without a guilty conscience.