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How to Take a Drone Fishing and Get Great Footage

When you go through the trouble to take a drone fishing you want the best footage, right?

In this video the team at Darcizzle Offshore takes time to describe how they use their DJI Phantom 4 drone to capture stunning video of their fishing adventures.

Watch this and get some tips for your next fishing trip.

Here's the tips in case you miss any of them:

  1. Turn on your obstacle avoidance setting
  2. Launch the drone from the center console of the boat.
  3. Ensure the launch zone is clear of obstacles
  4. Practice using the done inshore and on small lake before moving to the ocean
  5. Make sure the boat is downwind from the drone when launching

As you can see flying a drone is pretty simple, but it's launching and landing it where things can get complicated. Be sure your done is clear of obstacles and you know where the wind is blowing so you can get some epic fishing video.

Holding you adhere to these tips, your next drone fishing trip is sure to be a success. In addition, you'll have tons of bragging rights thanks to your beautiful footage.


How to Take a Drone Fishing and Get Great Footage